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We provide a flexible product development service ranging from the provision of engineering resource to augment your existing team up to complete ‘turnkey’ product development.

Some examples of the services we've provided and the benefits they've brought are:

  • Embedded microprocessor system design/firmware development. PHD Projects provided a system definition and coding resource on a complex, configurable CCTV control system.
  • General electronic hardware design. A switch mode DC/DC converter was developed as a fast turnaround, ‘turnkey’ development. This allowed the client’s in-house team to concentrate on longer term strategic development.
  • Design of low power wireless systems. The Development of a wireless communications protocol for a solar-powered remote monitoring application. The design of this protocol required an imaginative power management solution because of the very limited power budget.
  • Project management. PHD Projects added project management expertise to a project requiring the concurrent specification and development of a significant number of complex, interacting embedded and application software components. The execution of this project plan allowed completion of the system within contractual dates and in ‘record time’.

We also have experience and can help you in the areas of prototyping and validation testing.

In addition, we can add value to your strategic development programmes by providing advice and feasibility studies on new product ideas. We can explore the eligibility for government financial assistance for your project (for example the ‘SMART’ scheme) and, if required, manage the grant application process.

If you're a forward-thinking company and would like to work with us, call or e-mail us now!

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