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Why you must have a website

So, you've got a memorable 0870 or 0800 number, a business card that looks as though it was designed by Michaelangelo, a domain name and e-mail address to die for but no website.

Read this article to see the benefits of having a modern. professional website

Why you must have a website and what it will do for your business (Word document)

Need help with technobabble?

Are you fed up with hearing gobbledegook when you talk websites to potential suppliers? Do the Three Letter Acronyms used by computer people make your head spin?

Worry no more

We've put together a useful glossary of Internet terms and buzzwords to help you. If you need more detail or find that we haven't included a term you need, try the added links that we've provided at the bottom of the page.

Internet glossary

Website design process

We take the mystique out of the website design process. Instead of a black box, we show how the whole process works from engaging your designer to the delivery of the completed website.

Here we'll outline the key steps in the process from your perspective and what needs to happen when

It's your website so you ought to be involved every step of the way and to understand the concepts and key decisions that need to be made. This doesn't mean that you need to we able to speak webbese (but see the Antidote to technobabble above), just that you need to understand enough to ensure that the site does what YOU want and not what the designer wants to deliver.

Getting a website - how it should work (Word document)

Clarihon Web Services for cost-effective web site design

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